Why Industries Should Opt for Hydroblast Cleaning

June 24th, 2021 by admin

A worker carrying out hydroblast cleaning of exterior walls

Hydroblasting, as the term suggests, is a procedure that uses a high-pressure water jet for cleaning purposes. The concept is to use the impact of a pressured water stream to clean a given surface. Hydroblasting has been around for a while. However, the majority of industrial facilities haven’t tried and tested it. They are still sticking to conventional cleaning methods.

In this post, we will outline the benefits of hydroblasting and make a case for why industries should opt for this state-of-the-art cleaning technique.


Cleaning activities can consume a significant outlay of any manufacturing and industrial facility. By introducing hydroblasting into your cleaning regimen, you can keep your cleaning expenses in check. Although hydroblasting cleaning involves a considerably high upfront cost, it saves you money in the long run with its low operating expense.

Unlike conventional cleaning procedures, hydroblasting doesn’t need expensive cleaning chemicals and formulas. All it uses is a stream of freshwater for cleaning all sorts of industrial installments and material types.


Environmental regulations for industries are getting tighter day by day. Besides, many facilities now strive for more sustainability as a self-responsible and eco-conscious corporate entity. For all those industrial facilities and complexes looking to improve their eco-friendly quotient, hydroblasting is the best cleaning method.

There are two reasons why hydroblasting is an eco-friendly cleaning procedure.

  1. Hydroblasting only uses simple water instead of a host of synthetically-produced cleaning items— no fumes and hazardous byproducts.
  2. Hydroblasting entails efficient use of water, unlike conventional cleaning procedures where loads of freshwater is wasted.

Offers Wide Application

Usually, a cleaning method is not considered suitable for all industrial settings and requirements. However, that’s not the case with hydroblasting. You can use it on all sorts of materials and indoor and outdoor installations. Also, hydroblasting works with precisions and has little to no effect on the surrounding area. This means you can also use it for cleaning space-constricted and hard-to-reach areas in the facility.

Minimal Risks

If they are operated properly, hydroblasting machines don’t pose any threat to operators. The absence of chemicals is the major reason why the hydroblasting procedure has less residual risk than other industrial cleaning procedures.

If you want to know more about how your facility can benefit from opting for hydroblast cleaning, get in touch with consultants at Spectrum Environmental Services. We have been offering our industrial/environment, waste management, remediation/response, and consulting services for nearly three decades in Alabama, Ohio, and Tennessee.

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