Spectrum is your Source for Managing your Company's Relationship with the Environment

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Spectrum Environmental Services, Inc. is a multifaceted family of companies offering environmental consulting, industrial services, and environmental products. With headquarters in Alabaster, Alabama, near Birmingham, the Spectrum group of companies brings a high level of commitment toward quality and professionalism to every aspect of your project.

Hydroblasting services, vacuum truck services, industrial spill products, and more – as the name "Spectrum" suggests, we offer a complete and comprehensive array of products and services including industrial, waste management, consulting, and remediation services. With Spectrum, your company can access one full-service, integrated source that is designed to help manage your company's relationship with the environment.

Spectrum is Pleased to Announce the Acquisition of Pipe Services of Alabama

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Pipe Services of Alabama is a specialized service company that provides pipe service offerings including CCTV pipe inspections, air-acceptance pressure testing, cleaning, and various other pipe and manhole services and engineering solutions for municipal parties, subdivisions, and industrial sites throughout Alabama.

The addition of Pipe Services to the Spectrum team will allow Spectrum to directly service the utility and infrastructure market with both pipeline video and pressure testing services. Robert Kirkland, the founder of Pipe Services, will serve as Spectrum's Superintendent of Utility and Infrastructure Services.

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