The Importance of Stormwater Management

The Importance of Stormwater Management

May 31st, 2019 by admin

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Water from rain, melted ice, or snow that drains off a surface is referred to as stormwater. This water typically accumulates and falls from surfaces like rooftops, which then infiltrates the soil and eventually evaporates into the atmosphere. Of course, runoff can also end up causing flooded sewers, damaged infrastructures, erosions, and turbidity (or muddiness) without proper management. Stormwater management controls stormwater storage, the channels it goes through, and how the water is used. It also addresses various issues of water quality and pollution by ensuring that polluted runoff that could end up in the environment is cleaned and filtered, which saves wildlife and improves the overall quality of life.

Having a stormwater infrastructure in place not only cleans and conserves rainwater but it also saves the environment and ecosystem. Modern urban, metropolitan, and industrial areas are enveloped in surfaces that are impenetrable such as pavements, roads, and roofs. When precipitation occurs, instead of soaking into the ground, the runoff goes into drains, sewers, and ditches; eventually causing flooding, which can damage fields and crops, destroy property, and cause erosion. Should the contaminated runoff go into bodies of water like lakes and coastal waters, then plastic, oil, and other forms of debris that are carried in the runoff can substantially affect wildlife, in turn damaging an entire ecosystem.

At Spectrum Environmental Services, we specialize in stormwater compliance for both industrial and residential areas. We assist in pollution prevention plans, share best practices, conduct inspections, and assist in any compliance-related issues for industrial facilities. We encourage "Green Infrastructure" or the sustainable approach of reusing resources like stormwater to restore and maintain the quality and natural flow of water in the ecosystem. As part of our environmental consultation, our stormwater management solutions include managing stormwater in controlled facilities under internal and federal regulations. We work to remove harmful pollutants that could endanger wildlife and agriculture and control the flow of the water by utilizing storm drainage systems to lead the filtered runoff to nearby rivers, streams, lakes, and other safe locations.

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