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May 3rd, 2017 by admin

There has been global news about a number of large industrial sites over the years: Fukushima, Chernobyl, & Sellafield to name a few. These three required years of painstaking work, with many resources and people involved. Chernobyl even needed to be entombed! But not every clean-up project involves nuclear waste and toxic material. Most of the ones we work with are not at this scale and can be managed by experienced environmental & industrial service professionals. That is where Spectrum comes in.

Chernobyl Confinement Center

Our staff and consultants have worked with a range of different industries, facilities, and situations. We are quick to respond to remediation cases, providing decontamination & safe demolition services, waste management, and much more. Especially in unplanned situations, you need to be able to rely on competent project managers and supporting resources to resolve the situation quickly and with minimum hassle. This starts with a quick assessment, stabilization, and continues with close coordination to reach the goals we set with you. You've already lost enough time and money, so we will aim to bring your facility up to 100% as soon as possible. Learn more about the services we provide or feel free to reach out to us directly for an initial consultation.

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