Sometimes your responsibility includes managing planned and/or unexpected remediation and response actions. Spectrum understands that the two situations require different approaches.

Two workers in hazardous material suits with hardhats working on remediation in a sectioned off area

Spectrum has completed major planned remediation projects at former manufactured gas plants, metal plating manufacturing facilities and military installations. Investors and developers have relied on Spectrum to help revitalize Brownfield properties to revenue generating sites. These projects have been successfully completed on time and within budget because we understand the project needs and maintain open communication with our clients.

There are, however, situations that are not planned but require remediation and response actions. It is in these situations that Spectrum can bring to bear all of our resources, knowledge, and expertise to help you manage these unique circumstances. We have worked with our clients in responding to catastrophic fires at manufacturing facilities, the release of thousands of gallons of regulated substances to surface waters, and the removal of contaminated soil found as part of a plant expansion.

Regardless of the situation, planned or not, Spectrum understands that timely response and appropriate planning are two primary keys to managing these types of situations.

Remediation and Emergency Response

An excavator tractor clearing out a jobsite
  • Licensed General Contractor for Environmental Remediation
    • State of Alabama #24672
    • State of Mississippi #13068
  • OSHA 40-Hr HAZWOPER Trained Personnel
  • Project Planning and Management
  • On-site Coordination
  • Agency Liaison
  • Site Stabilization and Secondary Response
  • Temporary Bulk and Liquid Storage
  • Contaminated Soil Excavation
  • Facility Decontamination
  • Facility Demolition
  • Confirmation Sampling and Analysis
  • Management of Project Derived Waste