Your Partner in an Emergency

May 19th, 2017 by admin

When local news networks report on environmental incidents and warnings such as the high ozone alert issued earlier this month, business owners might worry about their own industrial facilities and plants. Spills, leaks, fires, and environmental contamination can mean a PR disaster if not handled quickly and effectively. In this case, news sites reported that high concentrations of ozone were measured in the air around Baldwin and Mobile counties. If this had happened due to an incident at your plant, wouldn't you want a team of qualified professionals rush in to manage the situation?

Spectrum provides comprehensive support for all environmental challenges, industrial waste, remediation, and emergency response situations. Our trained professionals are experienced in handling difficult situations quickly, relying on our network of support and resources for fast remediation. In the past we have responded to massive fires, leaks, decontamination, and demolitions, to name a few. Nobody wants to have to deal with these types of situations, but just in case, its best to have the right people on board. Spectrum is your partner for both planned as well as unexpected remediation and response actions. Learn more...

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